Societal Context

From The Foundation for Best Practices in Machine Learning

Societal Context


Research and consider the on and off platform effects of Product deployment on end users, their communities, and societies during each phase of Product design and deployment. Ensure that behavioral shifts, power balance, and cultural concerns are considered during the Problem Mapping and Planning phases, and that these provide input for the Problem Statement & Solution Mapping, Outcome Definition, Product & Outcome Definitions Data & Model Metrics, Product Risk Analysis, User Experience Mapping, Model Type - Best Fit Analysis, Acceptance Criteria, Privacy, Testing Participants, and Accuracy Perception, as discussed in Section 4 - Problem Mapping; Section 7 - Privacy; Section 8 - Testing; Section 9 - Managing Expectations.


To (a) ensure a deep understanding of (i) the industry, (ii) how the Product solution will be deployed, and (iii) any impact the Product solution may have off-platform; and (b) highlight associated risks that might occur during the Product Lifecycle

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