From The Foundation for Best Practices in Machine Learning



The Product Team should effectively communicate that infrastructure is often the determining factor for the success of the POC-to-Production transition and rely heavily on the POC-to-Production Checklist, as discussed in Section 6 - Management & Monitoring, to set and align Stakeholder expectations of the transition process. The Product Team should set the expectation, before beginning the transition process, that novel problems will likely arise during the transition that may significantly affect the timeline and costs. The Product Team should be on alert for integration issues arising close to the final release of the solution, which the Product Manager should communicate to relevant Stakeholders, along with progress updates, at a progressively more frequent cadence.


To (a) uncover and communicate issues that may delay the transition of the solution from POC-to-Production or make that transition less feasible; and (b) highlight associated risks that might occur in the Product Lifecycle.

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