Machine Learning Appropriate Tool Analysis

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Machine Learning Appropriate Tool Analysis


The Product Team should work cross-functionally with Stakeholders to define and document a Machine Learning checklist that considers the following areas, amongst other things: (a) Is there a different approach that will generate a greater return more quickly; (b) Given the results of the Data Capacity Analysis, does the Organisation have enough secure, non-discriminatory, representative, high quality data for every stage of the process; (c) Can the problem be solved by simple rules; (d) Does the Product solution require emotional intelligence or empathy; (e) Does the Product solution need to be fully interpretable or explainable; (f) Given the results of the Organisation Capacity Analysis, does the Organization have the people, processes, and tools necessary to productize the end product; (g) Can the consequences of Product failure be easily fixed or mitigated; and/or (h) What other non-technical solutions can be used to augment the Product and its offering and/or, more directly, whether Machine Learning is the best solution for the Product at hand.


To (a) ensure that Machine Learning is the appropriate method for solving the chosen problem; and (b) highlight associated risks that might occur in the Product Lifecycle.

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