Data Poisoning Assessment

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Data Poisoning Assessment


Document and assess the ease and extent with which adversarial actors may influence training data through manipulating and/or introducing - (i) raw data; (ii) annotation processes; (iii) new data points; (iv) data gathering systems (like sensors); (v) metadata; and/or (vi) multiple components thereof simultaneously. If this constitutes an elevated risk, document, assess and implement measurements that can be taken to detect and/or prevent the above manipulation of training data.


To (a) prevent adversarial actors from seeding susceptibility to Evasion Attacks, Targeted Sabotage and Performance Degradation Attacks by way of (i) introducing hard to detect triggers, (ii) increasing noise, and/or (iii) occluding or otherwise degrading information content; and (b) highlight associated risks that might occur in the Product Lifecycle.

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