Data Distributions Susceptibility

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Data Distributions Susceptibility


Document and assess whether applying Product Outputs will result in changes to the data distributions, and whether this is a self-reinforcing interaction. If true, attempt to mitigate or stabilize associated effects through refining Product Definition(s) and/or improving Model design and/or Product and process implementation.


To (a) determine and prevent Product and/or Model risk in - (i) progressively strengthening biases (from encoded assumptions and definitions to datasets to algorithms chosen); (ii) progressively reinforcing Model errors and/or Product generalizations; (iii) progressively losing sensitivity to data and/or Domain changes; (iv) suffering from self-reinforcing and/or exponential run-away effects; (b) determine and prevent risks of unpredictable behaviour once the Product Outcomes are applied; and (c) highlight associated risks in the Product Lifecycle.

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